Create Custom Music on Hold for Cisco UCME


Prepare the Sound file

  1. Launch Audacity 2.0.x
  2. Open the Audio File you are looking to use as an MOH file*
  3. Locate the Project Rate (Hz) in the bottom left corner. Set this value to 8000.
  4. In the track bar, click the drop down menu and select “Split Stereo to Mono”
  5. In the track bar, select “Set Sample Format”, and choose “16-bit PCM”
  6. Click File > Export…
  7. Set the file name as desired, and verify that the File Name has NO SPACES as they are not allowed
  8. Under “Save as type:” select “Other uncompressed files”
  9. Click on the “Options…” button
  10. Under Header select “WAV (Microsoft)”
  11. Under Encoding select “U-Law”
  12. Click OK and then click Save

*If the file is a .m4a the following codec is needed (Install it and restart Audacity)


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Example of a stored procedure using Northwind

A while ago in school, we had to make a stored procedure using the Northwind database, and this was what i ended up with:

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Please note that I’m by no means a SQL expert, I just though I would share thisĀ for others to find.

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